Kevin grew up in Auckland, New Zealand, attending a Methodist Church from his early years. He began leading a worship team at 19 years of age and has continued to lead worship ever since.

While studying Engineering at Auckland University, Kevin felt a call to missions. He joined Youth With A Mission a few months after leaving University and trained in the School of Evangelism in South Africa.
Over the past 35 years has served on YWAM staff in New Zealand, England, Hong Kong and Hawaii. He is currently based in Kona, Hawaii with his wife, Liz. His three sons are all serving with YWAM, in Australia, Mexico and Kona. His daughter is studying in New Zealand to be a school teacher..

He has taught and led worship in YWAM schools in New Zealand, Australia, Norway, Switzerland, England, Germany, Philippines, Hong Kong, Hawaii, Japan, India, South Korea, Thailand, Costa Rica, Fiji, Canada, along with Alaska, California, Tennesee and Montana, USA.

His home church in New Zealand for the past 30 years has been Royal Oak Baptist Church, who support him as one of their missionaries.

Kevin’s main focus is the discipling of those called to the worship ministry. For 10 years he directed the School of Worship programme at the UofN Kona campus and now focuses on training and teaching younger worship leaders.

Kevin’s heart is to see all nations and peoples worshipping God under the leading and anointing of the Holy Spirit.

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Worship is Special

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As a worship leader for many years, I’ve pondered what the nature of worship might be, and I’ve tried to help others involved in worship ministry understand what they’re trying to achieve. One of the roadblocks to our understanding is the popular teaching that everything we do is worship, if…

Created to Worship?

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A one-liner I’ve noticed recently is “we are created to worship.” Now, on the surface, this seems reasonable enough but sometimes it is implied that worship is the most important thing we do because we were created to do it. And, it’s the activity we will be doing mostly in…

Tweeting With Care

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In this age of texting and tweeting, we’ve become even more accustomed to being discipled by one-liners. I call this Twitter preaching – truth in less than 140 characters. A lot of wisdom has been passed down the generations like this, we called them proverbs.

What William & Kate Can Teach Us About Worship

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“William and Kate to Visit New Zealand.”
This recent headline reminded me of a message given by a British Bible teacher, David Pawson where he commented on the marriage of the future king of England, Prince William to a commoner, Katherine.